Community of Evaluators - Nepal(Coe_Nepal)

Ninth Annual General Assembly (AGM) – 2019

13 October 2019

The ninth annual general assembly (AGM) of Community of Evaluators, Nepal (COE-Nepal) was held on 13th October 2019 in Kathmandu. It was held at Entrance Café, Bakhundole, from 9am to 1pm. A total of 26 members of COE-Nepal attended the AGM.

Dr. RC Khanal, the Chairperson, chaired the AGM. Mr Thakur Bhatta served as MC and facilitator of the deliberations. The meeting started with a welcome speech from the chairperson. It was followed by a brief introduction amongst the participants. The AGM then proceeded according to the agenda.


The following were the main agenda of the AGM.

  • Progress on Activities of the past year FY 2075/76
  • Audit report
  • Appointment of auditor for FY 2076/77
  • Plan for the Next Year FY 2076/77
  • Selection of Executive Committee


1. Progress on Activities of the past year FY 2075/76
Mr Thakur Bhatta, General Secretary of COE-N, presented the progress report on the activities carried out by COE-Nepal over the fiscal year 2075/76. The progress report (in Nepali) is attached separately. It was approved by the AGM.

2. Audit report, FY 2075/76
The AGM also approved the audit report, carried out the auditors Gautam & Co. The audit report was presented by Dr Hari Dhungana, Treasurer of COE-Nepal. The audit report is provided as a separate file.

3. Appointment of auditor for FY 2076/77
The AGM authorized the executive committee to select the auditor for the coming fiscal year. It was advised that the executive committee discuss with the present auditor first, and depending upon their availability and their cost, make a decision regarding the auditor selection.

4. Proposed Activities for the Next Year FY 2076/77
Dr. RC Khanal, Chairperson, presented a draft list of proposed activities for the FY 2076/77. He emphasized that, while the proposed activities are all important, the next executive committee will further have to work on them in drawing detailed plan of action, including cost, funding modality, potential partnerships, and the role of COE-Nepal members.
It was understood that the executive committee will consult COE-N members regarding their interests and contributions on the proposed activities and finalize the plan of action in the coming weeks.

5. Selection of the Executive Committee
The AGM formed a “Selection Committee” comprising of Dr RC Khanal, Ms Swastika Shrestha, and Mr Dilli Raj Joshi in order to make a consensual recommendation for the executive committee for next two years. According to its recommendation, the following team of executive committee was proposed and unanimously approved in the AGM:

  • Dr Hari P Dhungana, Chairperson
  • Thakur P. Bhatta, Vice-Chair
  • Prabin Chitrakar, General Secretary
  • Geeta Bastakoti, Secretary
  • Dr Sushila Chatterjee Nepali, Treasurer
  • Dr Gana Pati Ojha, Member
  • Dr RC Khanal, Member
  • Mahendra Laxmi Sharma, Member
  • Bal Devi Pokharel, Member

Top row: Dr Gana Pati Ojha, Dr Sushila Chatterjee Nepali, Dr Ram Chandra Khanal, Thakur P. Bhatta. Bottom row: Prabin Chitrakar, Dr Hari P Dhungana, Mahendra Laxmi Sharma, Bal Devi Pokharel, Geeta Bastakoti.

6. Miscellaneous
Dr. Gana Pati Ojha advised the AGM participants to commit to take at least one online course offered in the website, It was advised that interested colleagues would write to Prabin Chitrakar regarding their interest in these courses.

The newly-elect Chairperson Dr Hari Dhungana thanked the members for entrusting the new executive committee for taking forward COE-Nepal tasks. He emphasized that the team will make extra efforts to engage the COE-Nepal members in the agreed activities, continue existing partnerships and explore new ones, and requested the members to support the team through advice, support and engagement.
Finally, the chairperson Dr. RC Khanal thanked the COE-Nepal members for active participation in the conversations, and requested all to remain in touch and actively contribute to COE-Nepal’s mission and vision.