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Community of Evaluators - Nepal


Designing, Managing & Undertaking Impact Evaluations

3ie Professional Skills Development Workshop

Kathmandu, Nepal

13 to 15 September 2017


Community of Evaluators-Nepal (CoE-Nepal) is pleased to announce the call for applications for training-workshop on Designing, Managing and Undertaking Impact Evaluations. This is a three day training planned with the support of International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) and in ICIMOD. This is an important refresher opportunity available through the expertise of 3ie. The facilitators include:

Objectives. The main objective is to refresh the participants’ knowledge of Impact Evaluations (IEs) and further develop their skills to design and manage rigorous IEs. In addition, the workshop will provide hands-on experience through clinic sessions where participants can work and discuss on real world examples from Nepal or 3ie commissioned IEs.

Training sessions. This is a three days professional skills development workshop designed for those seeking to advance knowledge and skills in impact evaluation and for practicing evaluators and evaluation managers. It will have the following sessions

  • Skills development sessions (Day 1 and 2)
    • IE overview
    • IE Methods
    • Exercises
  • Hands-on clinic session (Day 3)
    • Individual/Group works
    • Discussions

Methods: The workshop/training will involve
  • Lectures
  • Plenary and group discussions
  • hands-on clinic session, which builds on the group work and focuses on formative work for a new impact evaluation.
The venue for the training / workshop is Entrance Café, Bakhundole, Lalitpur. Tel: 01-5010616 & 5010617

Who should attend?

The primary audience includes evaluators and policymakers who are involved or interested in monitoring and evaluation systems. They include evaluators, evaluation managers, or M&E officers from government agencies, UN agencies, NGOs, INGOs as well as other interested individuals, academic faculties, and private sector personnel.


Please register as early as you can. We will have limited seats.

Fee. The fee for this course is NPR. 21,000, which covers venue cost, lunch, stationeries, hand-outs, coffee, snacks and certificate.

Write to us for registration. Please write to register with us through an email. And arrange the transfer of fee in favour of CoE-Nepal.

Be prepared beforehand! The resource persons expect that every participant should come with a proposed topic for impact evaluation in mind. They should know the details around the topic and be able to explain the project to others. But, no prepared presentations or documentation is required.

Contact. For further information, please contact:

Dr. Hari Dhungana
COEN Treasurer; Training Coordinator
Community of Evaluators - Nepal (COE-Nepal)
Mobile No.: 9851100669

Prabin Chitrakar
Executive Committee Member; Training Associate
Community of Evaluators - Nepal (COE-Nepal)
Mobile No.: 9841367743