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Using evaluation findings in the development process is a common challenge in Nepal due to several factors including the capacity of evaluators, quality of evaluation, and practicality of its findings and recommendations as well as the environment within the user organization to use evaluation findings.

Thus, there is a need for capacity building of evaluation stakeholders and to create a conducive environment for the use of evaluation in the development cycle. Community of Evaluators – Nepal (CoE-Nepal) is committed to increasing the quality of evaluation by building the capacity of evaluation stakeholders and promoting the theory, practices, and use of evaluation in Nepal.

To promote evaluation, CoE-Nepal acts as a resource center for evaluation knowledge base by collecting lessons drawn from evaluations around the world, producing knowledge through research undertakings, supporting for developing curricula for and carrying out basic and advanced evaluation training to the stakeholders of evaluation.



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General Membership of CoE-Nepal

A person (meeting the criteria mentioned in the form) willing to be a General Member of the Community of Evaluators – Nepal (CoE-Nepal) should fill up the membership form which can be downloaded HERE. The form should be submitted to CoE-Nepal at its official email addresses mentioned below along with other necessary documents mentioned in the form. Membership is subject to approval from the standing Executive Committee of CoE-Nepal after review. If the membership is approved, the person will be informed of the further process.

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Community of Evaluators – Nepal (CoE-Nepal)
Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation (VOPE)
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